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Coronavirus Update

We hope to find you all in good health and good spirits during this interesting and challenging time in our lives. To comply with the federal and state government directives on social distancing, all sanctioned soccer activity is further suspended through April 30.  


Furthermore, Governor Wolf has issued a stay at home order for 22 counties, most of which make up Eastern Pennsylvania. Please practice appropriate physical distancing and hygiene measures, stay home where necessary, and rest assured we will be able to see each other back on the fields in good time.

Until then, there are considerations for you to be aware of as you navigate this situation.

  • Soccer is non-essential business. Please adhere to the government directives being put in place for everyone’s safety. Compliance is key to “flattening the curve.” Any training or practices being held are non-sanctioned and are not covered by Eastern Pennsylvania Soccer insurance.

  • Any type of active training with simultaneous on-line instruction is not sanctioned by Eastern Pennsylvania Soccer and is therefore not covered. Meetings and discussion groups may take place, when abiding by the approved policy.

  • Please be aware of such policies, as directed by the federal SafeSport Act, on coach and minor player interaction. You can view the complete policy on our website. All online interactions with minors must be observable and interruptible by either a parent or another adult. 

Although soccer is an important part of our social activities, it should be a lesser concern for all of us right now.  We continue to prepare for a better day ahead. We hope there will be an opportunity for all competitions to resume, but that timetable cannot be set yet, and certainly not by us at this time. If there is something we may be able to help you with, please reach out via email.  

Stay safe, stay fit, be healthy