Membership Benefits


You will be a part of the largest adult soccer organization in the United States, the United States Adult Soccer Association, made up of 54 State Associations plus National and Regional leagues. Together we help feed the passion for the game to over 250,000 players nationwide.

Benefits to joining include:

  • Consistent playing rules in league play as well as in tournament play throughout the State and the US.
  • An appeals system which includes an impartial governing body to oversee all play of soccer.
  • Liability Insurance - Certificate of Insurance for fields and facilities
  • Participant accident insurance.
  • Access to registered US Soccer referees and Assignors.
  • Participation in National Cup programs.
  • Assurance that all current players are registered and not under suspension.
  • The ability to participate in sanctioned tournaments in and out of state with the assurance of the rules and appeals procedure available.
  • Marketing support services.